Layaway Balances Due

Each listing is special to you with your order number and balance. By utilizing the layaway code, which can only be found in our Facebook group layaway file, you acknowledge that you have read the file and agreed to the terms of layaway. 


**A minimum purchase of $80.00 (not including shipping) is required to be eligible for layaway.** The layaway program will function on a 50% down, 50% due by 14 days after the close of the round. I have a very quick turnaround time so that’s why it’s only 14 days. The first payment is due at the time of purchase and will be made through the website. In order to be eligible for layaway, you MUST first fill out the google form. If you have not filled out the form by the time this listing is made, you can find the form here:
(This helps us to know your PayPal address for invoicing future payments, and also requires you to agree to the rules listed in this document.)

If your payment is not received within 48 hours of that date, you will forfeit your right to the layaway and your ENTIRE order will be cancelled and refunded, less a 25% restocking fee; you will not receive any fabric. If for some reason you are unable to pay your layaway on time or if you do not see a listing made for your layaway, please contact us immediately via email at:
**Layaway is subject to a 1 strike policy** If you do not follow through with your layaway commitment, you forfeit the right to this service in the future.
**Please Note** There is no fee to participate in our layaway payment program at this time, but you are held to your purchase. It has to be done this way in order to Pre-order the correct amount of fabric for everyone. Layaway purchases are also ineligible for sales or promotions that take place between initial purchase and final payment. Pre-orders are generally not put on sale or promotion, but only those discounts that were applied to the initial purchase will be honored.