Discounts Available

Military Discount

I currently offer 10% off ALL ORDER TYPES to military (active, reserves, retired, veterans) AND current military spouses only. Please email with a photo of service member (or if you're a spouse, you must be in photo as well) in uniform, a certificate with name, a redacted DD214 or picture of dependent card- if you qualify and I will give you a special code for checkout. Code is special to you so please do not abuse the discount by giving it to someone else. If it is shared, you will no longer be allowed to use the discount. I do keep a list, so please don’t try it.
The discount comes off the subtotal (not including shipping). Cannot be used with any other codes/discounts. For US customers only at this time.

REGARDING CAC CARDS/MILITARY ID CARDS: The photocopying of U.S. Government identification cards is a violation of Title 18, U.S. Code Part 1, Chapter 33, Section 701, so please do NOT send us or anyone else, a picture of your or your spouse’s Common Access Card. If someone asks you for this, they are in violation of this code.

Wholesale Discount

Wholesale discount applies to 15 or more yards of the SAME print and SAME base (example: 15 yards of Auto Parts, Cotton Lycra). Please email me at so I can make you a special invoice or send you a refund. Discount applies to pre-order and retail.

**You must email TCCF regarding these discounts as it will not automatically be applied or refunded to you.

Discounts cannot be combined/stacked and cannot be retroactively applied to orders older than 48 hours from original purchase date.