Flaws, manufacturing process, normal wear, laundering instructions

-Due to the high volume of yardage printed, some flaws are to be expected. These can be small holes, spots/flecks, smudges, etc. Fabric is inspected upon arrival, but I’m human and some things can be missed. If the flaw renders the entire piece unusable, the issue will be handled on a case by case basis.
-Due to fabric being custom printed, some flaws can be expected. Small white/black flecks and spots can happen and are part of the normal printing process. Flaws smaller than a quarter are acceptable and will not be refunded. Anything bigger than a quarter will be sold as seconds.
-Smudges/printing marks can also be expected on the selvages of the fabric and are normal up to 5 inches into the sides of the fabric. We leave these to optimize your cutting area. Thin streaks or smudging is acceptable as long as it does not exceed a 6 inch line. Flecks can be found occasionally across a yard. Unless these flecks are in a mass amount, (25+ per yard), they will not be refunded.
-Plastic tags or small holes can also occasionally be found in the fabric. Anything bigger than a pencil eraser will be refunded. You will not be refunded or have anything replaced based on these tags. Refunds not within these normal flaw range will be refunded on an inch per yard basis. In the event we deem the yard completely unusable based on the flaws, you will be sent a replacement.
-All fabrics are prone to slight shrinkage and eventual wearing/fading after frequent – especially darker colors. This is not a flaw, this is normal wear and tear on fabrics.

BRUSHED POLY INFO: Due to the process of “brushing” that the double brushed poly fabric base goes through to become soft, it can be more prone to wear more quickly. We are not responsible for the wear and tear of each fabric or how you wash/use/wear/etc your fabric; once it is in your hands and has been washed, the responsibility falls to the buyer on how they care for their fabric.
-Due to the process that the (double) brushed poly goes through, images may not look as crisp as the images printed on the cotton lycra or swim base fabrics. Variations of color of 5%-10% are considered normal and not a flaw.

-Fabric softeners should be avoided and special laundering routines should be followed to extend the life of your fabrics. Please see the file for care instructions.
-Washing with Retayne will help lock in the color and extend it.