**Pre-order Purchase Information**

**PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE RETAIL WITH PREORDER. Only exception is International to save on shipping.  
*Pre-order items are not in-stock items and have not yet been created. It is a chance for you to 'reserve' yardage at a reduced price*

1. All custom fabric is digitally printed on 220gsm-260gsm 95%/5% cotton lycra knit, 240gsm 95%/5% cotton french terry, 230-240gsm 84%/16% polyester spandex (swim SPF 50), 140/150 gsm cotton woven, 140 gsm Boardshort, 280gsm cotton canvas, and/or 220 gsm brushed polyester spandex using high quality dyes unless otherwise specified. Fabric width is 56-58in depending on fabric base. Not every fabric base will be offered every round.

2. Pre-orders will be opened for a new round of fabric once/twice a month. Pre-orders will stay open until minimums are met. Turn around time is 4 to 12 weeks after closing date but will rarely run longer depending on international holidays, storms, and customs processing. Turn Around time starts from the time invoices are paid and orders are submitted to the printer. This is to ensure you the longest security period possible. PRINT TIME DOES NOT INCLUDE PROCESSING TIME! ** Processing time is approximately 7-14 BUSINESS DAYS (M-F)
-Multiple orders will not be combined unless the 'PLEASE COMBINE' listing under 'SERVICES' is purchased.

*We do not recommend offering pre-sale items with our fabric until you have it in hand, and cannot be held responsible for your time frames. If there are any delays in shipping, all updates will be posted on the main group page in the corresponding 'FILE'. The time it takes to ship is not really in our control but I will do my absolute best to push and get it here as quickly as possible.

Pre-Order prices are subject to change but currently range from $21-24/yard, retail will be $24-28/yard-depending on fabric type.

** If you have an issue with the proposed processing times, I highly recommend you wait until I have received the fabric and have listed it for retail. Also, please do not offer prints to your customers if you are not comfortable with the wait time.

3. Pre-orders cannot be refunded as they are custom items and are paid in full by me within a week of order submission to the printer.

*Pennsylvania residents are subject to any and all state, municipal or county taxes required by the IRS*