>>Turnaround time starts when the round is submitted to the printer (which is usually within a couple days of round closing), NOT from your order date. Rounds usually go from the 1-15 & 16-end of the month. During slow times, orders will be submitted once a month.

>>Since we run Perpetual Preorders®, extend collections, etc, do not follow based on prints, but rather the date in which you ordered. Please do not email us regarding your order status unless it is past the 14 week mark and before you file a Paypal claim. Please reach out to us before filing a claim.

>>Please plan for 12 weeks printing time and another 1-2 weeks to process, pack and ship to you for a potential total turnaround time of 14 weeks. If we have to work around a holiday (Chinese New Year or other), or any event that directly affects China, Import/export, international flights, customs, etc (ie: recent outbreak of Coronavirus), turnaround time can be extended and is out of the hands of Threaded Candy Custom Fabrics and its owner.


October 16 to November 16 orders (Final preorder)
-Order submitted to printer 11/17/2021
-Order done printing and being inspected 12/6/2021
-Bulk received at TCCF HQ 12/18/21
-Bulk fully processed as of 12/29/21 (6 weeks)
*NOTE: Orders to Australia are being held due to incoming mail restrictions of the country. 

September 16 to October 15 orders
-Order submitted to printer 10/20/21
-All orders processed as of 11/09/21, picked up on 11/12/21 (2 weeks 6 days) 

August 16-September 15 orders
-Order submitted to printer 9/20/2021
-Bulk received at TCCF HQ on 10/28/21 
-All orders processed as of 10/29/21, pickup 11/1/21 (5 weeks 4 days)

August 01-15 orders
-Order submitted to printer 8/20/21
-Bulk received at TCCF HQ 9/21/2021
-All orders processed as of 9/28/21 (5 weeks 4 days)

July 17-31 orders
-Order submitted to printer 8/4/21
-Bulk received at TCCF HQ 9/21/2021
-All orders processed as of 9/28/21 (7 weeks 6 days)

June 16-July 15 orders
-Order submitted to printer 7/16/21
-Bulk received at TCCF HQ 8/11/21 
-Round processed and closed as of 8/20/21 (5 weeks)

June 01-15 orders
-Order submitted to printer 6/16/21
-Bulk being inspected by printer 6/30/21
-Bulk in transit from printer 7/13/2021 
-Bulk received at HQ 7/16/2021 
-Round processed and completed as of 7/23/21 (5 weeks 2 days)

May 16-31 orders
-Order submitted to printer 6/4/2021
-Bulk being inspected by printer 6/30/21 
-Bulk received at TCCF HQ 7/13/21
-Round processed and closed 7/13/2021 (5 weeks 5 days)

May 01-15 orders
-Orders submitted to printer on 5/19/21
-Bulk received at TCCF HQ 6/4/2021 
-All orders processed and round closed as of 6/15/2021 (3 weeks 6 days)

April 2021 Orders
Submitted to printer 5/6/2021
-Bulk received at TCCF HQ 6/1/2021
-All orders processed and round closed as of 6/8/2021 (4 weeks 5 days)

March 2021 orders
-Submitted to printer 4/4/21
-Bulk received at TCCF HQ 5/19/21
-All but 3 orders have been completely processed as of 6/2/2021 (8 weeks 3 days)

February 2021 orders
-Order submitted to printer March 7, 2021
-Currently being inspected via QC 4/12/21
-Arrived at TCCF HQ on 4/20/2021
-Round closed as of 4/23/2021 (6 weeks 5 days)

Jan 11-31, 2021 orders : this bulk is affected by Chinese New Year delay and will be processed in the order it was received by the printer when they return. Please allow up to the full 14 week processing time (between printing, inspection, shipping and processing by TCCF)
-Order sent to printer 2/13/2021
-Bulk received at TCCF HQ 3/16/21
-Round completed and closed 3/25/2021 (5 weeks 4 days)

January 01-10, 2021 orders
Order submitted to printer 1/1/2021
Bulk received at TCCF HQ on 2/10/2021
Round closed and completed