Shipping & Insurance

MOST domestic orders are shipped via FedEx Express/Ground and sent out on Tuesdays and Fridays. International orders and those going to PO Boxes are shipped via USPS.

All packages include $100 in insurance (unless international, which includes $200 <via USPS>) There is shipping insurance under ‘Services’ that can be purchased along with your order. If you purchase shipping insurance after the fact, please be sure to put your order number in the ‘Notes to Seller’ box at checkout.  

Please note
: Shipping calculated at checkout for International (Outside of the USA) orders is an ESTIMATE and additional funds may be needed to ship your order. Any shortage or overage of $1.00 USD will be requested from you or refunded to you via original payment tender.
*Shipping cost is based on fabric base, weight and parcel used to ship the item(s). Shipping cost is determined by the shipping carriers used and is subject to change at their discretion without notice.
    -If additional funds are needed to ship your order, you as the customer are responsible for paying them-TCCF does not assume that cost. We will reach out to you via email to request the exact amount needed and will need to be sent via PayPal Friends & Family to It cannot be sent any other way because if a fee is taken out, we will be short the amount needed to ship your order.
By purchasing through Threaded Candy Custom Fabrics, you agree the seller is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen packages. If any of these occur it is the buyer's responsibility to follow the proper steps through USPS to file a claim. Anything over $100/$200 will also require a secondary insurance claim with a second party if USPS insurance was not paid for.
*Mississippi residents are subject to any and all state, county and/or municipal taxes required by the IRS*
*International customers are responsible for all customs, duty and VAT fees. This is designated by the country and carrier service and not by Threaded Candy Custom Fabrics. TCCF will never grant a request to alter or change custom forms to reflect a "Goods" order as a "Gift”- THIS IS FRAUD.