RETAIL Cheryl Spy Fat Half panel

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Adult FH sized panel (approx. 36"L x 26-30"W depending on fabric base) on black background. Image starts 8" from top and is approximately 12.5"L x 11"W.

Due to variances in color/ink between fabric bases, the double brushed polyester print cannot be promised to match the cotton lycra version. The blacks in the DBP base print and look differently than in the cotton lycra base of this print.

Please do not order retail the same time as pre-orders

Purchase Information
1. We do not offer refunds because you received the fabric and imagined something different. The strike offs, seamstress photos, etc, are what the fabric will look like, minus very small color differences when printing (5-10% is acceptable range of color difference). Strike off photos and seamstress photos offer a good range to show what the fabric looks like in different lights. Slight color differences are considered ‘normal’ and can vary by yard to roll and can also vary by fabric bases, as synthetic and natural fibers absorb color differently. This is not a flaw and will not be refunded. 

2. Retail orders are final and may not be refunded once paid. 

3. Refunds will not be issued to those who: 
1.) Have buyer's remorse
2.) cancel recent previous transactions in order to purchase again to take advantage of a sale at a later date. 
3.) Did not read the listing. 

Please check your orders upon receipt and report any issues to me via the website or FB personal message within 3 days. Refunds will not be issued beyond 3 days. 

Shipping prices are an estimate and subject to change at USPS discretion. Differences of $1 or more will be refunded or invoiced. If the website does not pick up shipping it is because: the quantity falls outside the LFRB range and a different type box will be needed based on size and weight of your order. I will reach out to you after you've placed your order to collect shipping.

Pennsylvania residents are subject to any and all applicable state, county and/or municipal taxes required by the IRS. If for some reason the website doesn't pick it up at time of purchase, you will be contacted at time of order processing for amount needed

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